Righteous Stunt Metal is a machine shop specializing in extremely durable, high performance motorcycle parts. Owned and operated by avid riders, we are constantly refining products and exposing them to real world testing. Product support and customer service are our #1 goals here at Righteous Stunt Metal. The RSC Lifetime Warranty is just the beginning. That's right.....we warranty every piece of machined billet aluminum that is sold....until the buyer succumbs to the guarantee of life...death. That may be a harsh reality, but here at RSM .....we focus on LIFE. We strive to provide a product for the moto enthusiast that will make their life easier! Take the Righteous Stunt Clutch, for example. A high performance motorcycle product designed to make life easier and be superior, at the same time!?! We are proud to say YES!! Located in Northern California, providing you with performance parts you can count on since 2009. Welcome to the site!

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