The RSC Adjustable handlebars are designed for the stunter that tends to over tighten bolts and bend a bar once in a while from tossing his bike. Let's start off with the Lifetime Warranty. Yes, these machined clamps(bars and hardware are NOT covered) are covered by the RSC Lifetime Warranty. If a machined clamp is rendered unusable from a defect or crash, I will replace that part with a 100% functional piece. The RSC Adjustables also feature stainless bolts and stainless NUTS throughout. Individual nut pockets have been precisely machined into the bar clamps. This means there are NO aluminum threads to be stripped. All stainless threads are lubed with anti-seize compound during assembly to ensure smooth threading action. In the event of a cross thread, hardware can be changed out. Speaking of changing things out, the RSC Adjustables have one other key feature that puts them in a category of their own.

Removable riser bars. That's the event of a nasty wreck, bars can and will bend. With the RSC Adjustables, your day of riding is far from over. It's as simple as loosening 4 bolts, and sliding in a new riser bar or handlebar. Handlebars and riser bars are solid 6061 aluminum bar stock. Lower clamps are designed to clear pinch bolts on most all model machines, allowing for adjustment to positions not accessible with other companies' lower clamps.

The RSC Adjustables are truly in a league of their own. Available in either a 7 degree or zero degree sweep, with 12" bars. Stock finish options are the tumbled silver finish and the black anodized finish. Please note: All bars included with the setups are of the tumbled silver finish. Anodized BARS are $20 extra.

RSC Adjustables

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