The Righteous Stunt Clutch has become the world's most versatile easy pull clutch lever. The Righteous Stunt Clutch debuted in the stunt world, and gained a solid reputation for durability and performance. Covered by an industry exclusive Lifetime Warranty, the RSC could be the last clutch lever your bike ever sees! That's right, every piece of machined billet aluminum that we sell, is covered by the RSC Lifetime Warranty. If a billet piece of your RSC product is rendered unfunctional due to a defect or CRASH, we will replace that part with a fully functional piece. Our goal is to keep you riding!

The RSC reduces clutch pull effort by up to 50%, and provides buttery-smooth action. This can be very beneficial when either clutching through traffic, clutching up wheelies, or feathering your clutch over that log, in the trail ahead. The feathery, light action also provides for lightning fast upshifts. The RSC provides a larger engagement point than a stock lever, which can eliminate stalling off the gate at your next MX race, or help manage that downshift into the next berm. Stunters have also found this larger engagement point very beneficial when slipping the clutch during technical maneuvers.

The RSC is machined out of solid 6061 billet aluminum, and is offered in 3 lever lengths. The shorty lever is a true 1 finger lever, and is designed primarily for the stunt community. The full length lever is a true 2 finger lever, and makes for a nice short lever on a street machine, or the perfect choice for a dirt bike. The XL lever is designed for applications where maximum leverage is desired. It provides enough room for 3 fingers, and has a length closer to the look of a stock lever. The Righteous Stunt Clutch is assembled using all stainless steel hardware.

The RSC has 2 pivot options to choose from. The Righteous Stunt Clutch was designed around the Delrin bushing(Standard edition). Delrin is a self-lubricating plastic, similar to Teflon. The Delrin bushings are machined to exact specifications. This means they provide very minimal slop. The Delrin bushing has no moving parts, meaning they have an extremely low failure rate. The Delrin bushing does require occasional maintenance which includes cleaning and lubing. The sealed ball bearing(Ultimate edition) RSC is supplied with (2) stacked, sealed, roller ball bearings. The roller ball bearings are pre-greased from the factory, and have rubber seals to keep the grease in...and the dirt out. The ball bearings are extremely durable and require virtually no maintenance. After rigorous testing with the sealed ball bearings, they have come to be my recommended choice. You can't go wrong with either the sealed ball bearings or the Delrin bushing. They are both an excellent pivot option.

The RSC is offered in 8 finish choices: polished silver, black, red, blue, green, gold, silver and purple anodizing. Anodized RSC levers have a much higher resistance to surface abrasion. The polished silver finish is offered as a "show" style lever. The polished finish lever MUST be cleaned and lubed regularly to avoid premature lever blade/perch cavity wear. The raw aluminum tumbled silver RSC lever is no longer offered, as lever blade/perch cavity wear was seen too commonly within levers where regular maintenance schedules were not followed. Anodized levers have shown themselves to be much more durable in such circumstances. The RSC perch spacer is an option for those that wish to increase the lever-to-bar distance. The perch spacer moves the lever approximately 7.5mm(1/4"+) further from the bar. This can be useful for riders with long fingers, or someone looking to move the engagement point further from the handlebar. All RSCs are assembled using a high grade assembly lube, and are ready for installation upon opening your shipment. Remember: all clutch and brake levers require routine maintenance. Clean and lube your brake and clutch lever blades/pivot points regularly, to ensure proper performance!.

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